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OB Consulting works alongside your leadership and work teams to build a High Performance Organisation. We combine latest HPO and organisational behaviour research with organisation development approaches to help you systematically create the organisational characteristics, behaviours and practices that drive high performance:


Strategic approach
to high performance

How do HPOs distinguish themselves from low and average performing organisations in the way they develop their strategies? HPOs create strategies that set them apart in the marketplace. HPOs also create a ‘strategic mindset’ within their organisation that motivates the actions and behaviours… Read more


Leadership for
high performance

Leaders in HPO’s establish a ‘culture of performance’. They also eliminate negative or non-productive behaviour resulting from mixed messages, inappropriate or ineffective workplace consequences, or being out-of-step with customer needs. However HPO’s not only develop… Read more


Designing for
high performance

HPOs design for maximum customer focus, flexibility and continuous improvement. Interestingly, HPO research tells us that organisational structure is not a key driver of high performance. For the HPO, design starts with an external focus and establishing a detailed understanding of… Read more


High performance

HPOs create and sustain a performance-driven culture by focusing on the highest levels of excellence in whatever it does whilst moving swiftly and decisively to eliminate any pockets of complacency and inaction. In addition, the culture of a HPO has a number of distinct characteristics… Read more

We are engaged by organisations across a range of industry sectors. Our case studies provide a richer narrative on ways we have supported our clients achieve their high performance potential.


Kevin Edwards

OBC is all about driving high performance. I started OBC in 2000 with a desire to work with leaders wanting to inspire and achieve high performance in their organisation.

Our experiences from business and project management, leadership & organisation development roles gives us a deep understanding of the people factors that deliver business performance, sustain organisational effectiveness and improve quality of working life for leaders, managers and staff alike.

OBC has worked across a range of sectors & organisation types including Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Exploration, R&D, Transport, Utilities as well as Emergency Services and other non profit organisations.